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Language: English
40 hours
Study Level: Intermediate
Certificate of Completion

DevOps Certification Course Agenda

Lesson 0: Overview of DevOps

  • Course Objectives
  • Course Outline
  • Prerequisites for this course
  • Highlights of this course

Lesson 1: Introduction to DevOps

  • Principles of DevOps
  • Challenges in the traditional approach
  • How DevOps helps in overcoming challenges faced in the traditional approach
  • Overview of DevOps tools
  • DevSecOps and its importance

Lesson 2: Version Control Systems

  • Role of version control systems
  • The types of control systems and the supporting tools
  • Implement Git

Lesson 3: Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, and Build Tools

  • Importance of continuous integration and deployment.
  • The types of Continuous integration and deployment tools
  • Features of Jenkins and its uses.
  • Features of TeamCity and its uses.
  • Types of build tools

Lesson 4: Software and Automation Testing Frameworks

  • The benefits in traditional and Agile approaches
  • The levels and approaches of Software testing.
  • Types of software testing and Automation testing frameworks
  • Demonstrate TDD with JUnit
  • Demonstrate BDD with cucumber

Lesson 5: Configuration Management Tools

  • The concepts of configuration management tools
  • Overview Puppet installation
  • Overview of Chef installation
  • Demonstrate Ansible installation and its usage

Lesson 6: Containerization with Docker

  • The importance of Docker over Virtual Machines.
  • Demonstrate on Docker images, containers, and Docker Registry
  • Demonstrate on Docker Compose and Docker Hub
  • Importance of Docker Networking

Lesson 7: Continuous Monitoring

  • The role of continuous monitoring tools in DevOps
  • Implement Nagios
  • Overview of Grafana
  • Overview of ELK Stack

Lesson 8: Need of Cloud in DevOps

  • The concepts of cloud computing
  • Importance of cloud in DevOps
  • Need of AWS in DevOps
  • Demonstration the uses of kubernetes

Projects: As part of the courseware, you will complete 10+ projects based on industry use cases. Some key projects as part of the course will be-

Project 1: Dockerizing Jenkins Pipeline Demonstrate the continuous integration and delivery by Dockerizing Jenkins Pipeline.

Project 2: Manage and Monitor the Docker Containers with Dry Tool Install Dry, demonstrate its interaction with Docker containers and images, and monitor it.

Project 3: Deploy Angular Application in Docker Container Deploy the Angular application in Docker. The Angular application should be built with the Angular CLI along with Docker Compose for development and production.

Project 4: Automated Delivery of WordPress Application on Kubernetes Deploy the WordPress application to the Kubernetes cluster, automate the delivery with Jenkins, and manage the source code versions on GitHub.


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