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Language: English
40 hours
Study Level: Intermediate
Certificate of Completion

What you’ll learn:

Red Hat Certified System Administrator, most commonly known as RHCSA, is one of the successful certification programs for those who are working or want to working on different operating systems, mainly Linux. For those IT professionals who are working as system administrators, but on the back seat because of having no certification in hand, it is the best certification for them to give a strong start to their career


Red Hat certified engineer

Duration: 24 hour Course Code: RH 134

Overview: This course goes deeper into enterprise Linux administration including file systems and partitioning, logical volumes, SELinux, firewalling, and troubleshooting. Attending both Red Hat System Administration I and Red Hat System Administration II can help you in your preparation for the Red Hat Certified System Administrator exam (EX200).


Target Audience:

  • Support Engineer.
  • Technical Administrators.
  • Technical Consultant.
  • Database Administrators

Prerequisite Knowledge:

  • Participant of this course are assumed to be familiar with any operating system concepts. Candidates with following exams will have additional benefits


Course Outline:

Module 1: Automate installation with Kickstart

❖ Automate the installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems with Kickstart.

Module 2: Use regular expressions with grep

❖ Write regular expressions that, when partnered with grep, will allow you to quickly

isolate or locate content within text files.

Module 3: Create and Edit text files with vim

❖ Introduce the vim text editor, with which you can open, edit, and save text files.

Module 4: Schedule future Linux tasks

❖ Schedule tasks to automatically execute in the future.

Module 5: Manage priority of Linux processes

❖ Influence the relative priorities at which Linux processes run.

Module 6: Control access to files with access control lists (ACL)

❖ Manage file security using POSIX access control lists.

Module 7: Manage SELinux security

❖ Manage the Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) behavior of a system to keep it

secure in case of a network service compromise.

Module 8: Connect to network-defined users and groups

❖ Configure systems to use central identity management services.

Module 9: Add disks, partitions, and file systems to a Linux system

❖ Manage simple partitions and file systems.

Module 10: Manage logical volume management (LVM) storage

❖ Manage logical volumes from the command line.

Module 11: Access networked attached storage with network file system (NFS)

❖ Access (secure) NFS shares.

Module 12: Access networked storage with SMB

❖ Use autofs and the command line to mount and unmount SMB file systems.

Module 13: Control and troubleshoot the Red Hat Enterprise Linux boot process

❖ Limit network communication with firewall

Module 14: Configure a basic firewall.

❖ Comprehensive review


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