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Language: English
40 hours
Study Level: Intermediate
Certificate of Completion



  1. Overview, Positioning and Fundamentals
  • Objects in the BI Data Warehouse Layer

o Data Warehousing Workbench o Info providers Business Purpose o Info objects Characteristics o Info objects Key figures o BI Info cube an extended Star Schema o Creating Info cubes

  • Data Acquisition and Transformation from SAP Source Systems

o Data Flow Overview o Loading Master Datasource from an SAP source System o Loading Transaction Datasource from an SAP source System

  • Data Acquisition from other systems

o Extraction from Non sap systems Overview o Flat file Loading

  • BI Content

o BI content discovery (metadata repository) o BI content Activation

  • Other Info providers

o Datastore objects o Virtual providers and Real time data acquisition o Multiprovider and BI Infoset

  • Administration of Data Targets

o System administration tasks in BI Overview o Administration of info cubes o Administration of Datastore objects o Process chains

  • Introduction to query Performance Optimization

o Introduction to query Performance Optimization in BI o BI Aggregates o BI Accelerator SAP

  1. Reporting
  • Introduction to BI Enterprise reporting

o Navigation in reports o First steps in the Bex query designer o Query designer o Info provider in the Bex query designer

  • Key figures

o Restricted Key figures o Calculated key figures o Properties of Key figures o Structures and cells

  • Characteristics

o Properties and attributes of characteristic o Integrating hierarchies into report o Creating user defined hierarchy

  • Variables
  • Exception and conditions
  • BEx analyzer
  • BEx web analyzer
  • Information broadcasting

o Information broadcasting overview o BEx broadcaster o Workbook pre calculator

  • Enterprise portal integration
  • Document integration
  • Report –report interface
  • Managing query objects
  • Business content
  • Further SAP BI reporting tool
  1. Advance Modeling and Extraction
  • Overview of BI

o Overview of data acquisition o BI content

  • Data flow in data acquisition

o Data flow summary o Transformation process o Direct access to source system o Real time data acquisition

  • Data acquisition in Service API (SAPI)

o Connecting SAP source system to BI system o Basic of the BI SAPI o Transfer of Business content o Logistic data acquisition o Generic data acquisition o Enhancement of BI content data source

  • Transfer of flat file
  • Data acquisition with DB connect
  • Process chain

o Process chain design o Managing process chain

  • Report performance

o Design o OLAP caching

  • BI statistic and monitoring
  • Aggregates
  • BI accelerator
  • Security component in BI
  • Secure data access for report user
  • Saving BEx object in BI roles
  • Secure data access for advance user
  • Maintain authorization


Assignments / Mini Projects 1 Major Project

Domains / Industry

Retail Industry Banking & Finance Service E-Commerce Manufacturing & Production Web Application Development Research & Analytics HR & Consultancy FMCG Consumer Electronics Event Management Industry TelecomKnowledge related to current technology aspects and corporate level deliverable & . Continuous training and assessment to make you industry ready. Throughout the Training. Curriculum Candidate will go through a Scheduled Assessment Process as below:

Continuous Assessments

Practical Workshops

Modular Assignments

Case Studies & Analysis

Presentations (Latest Trends & Technologies)

Tech Seminars

Technical Viva

Observing live Models of various projects

Domain Specific Industry Projects

Communication is something which all of us do from the very first day of our life, yet there is a question that haunts us most of the time “Did I express myself correctly in such and such situation?” The answer to this question is really tricky, because in some cases we leave our signatures and good impression but in some others we even fail to get our idea clearly. It happens mostly because we don’t know how to act in certain situations. Every time we fail we don’t lose completely, we do learn something, but prior knowledge of the same thing could be more beneficial because then we could have turned that failure into success. The course / workshop would focus at many aspects of personality, like: Building positive relationships with peers & seniors Building self-confidence & Developing clear communication skills Exploring and working on factors that help or hinder effective interpersonal communication Learning impacts of non-verbal behavior & Dealing with difficult situations and difficult people

Workshops Consists of Following Activities:

Personality Development Group Discussions & Debates Seminar & Presentations Case Studies & Analysis Corporate Communication HR & Interview Skills Management Games & Simulations Aptitude, Logical & Reasoning Assessments & Development

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