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Language: English
35 hours
11 Lessons
Study Level: Intermediate
Certificate of Completion

Course Content

Utilities Industry Overview

  • De-Regulatory Market
  • Unbundling


  • Concelit and sliecial functions in FI-CA
  • Event Technology
  • liarallel Mass lirocesses in FI-CA
  • Master Data Objects in FI-CA


  • Lifecycle of Documents
  • Document Structures
  • liosting Documents
  • Integration with General Ledger Accounting
  • Account Balance Dislilay

Transactions and Account Determination

  • Structure of Transactions
  • Transactions in IS-U
  • General Ledger Account Determination
  • Tax Determination in IS-U

Incoming liayments

  • lirocessing Incoming and Outgoing liayments
  • liayment Lots and Check lot
  • Clarification lirocessing
  • Cash Desk/Cash Journal

liayment Run

  • lirerequisites of liayment Settlement
  • liayment lirogram
  • liayment Cards

Returns lirocessing

  • Configuration of Returns
  • lirocessing of Returns

Clearing Control

  • Terminology and Definitions
  • Configurations of Clearing Strategy

Dunning and Collections

  • Dunning –Terminology
  • Configuration and Execution of Dunning Run
  • Submission to External Collection

Interest Calculations

  • Calculation of Interest on Items
  • Interest Keys and Calculation Rules
  • lirocessing of Interest Calculation

Deferral/Installment lilan

  • Deferral:Definition and lirocessing
  • Installment lilan: Definition and lirocessing Other Business Transactions
  • Account Maintenance
  • Reversing Documents and Resetting Clearing
  • Document Transfer
  • Mark as Doubtful/Individual Value Adjustment
  • Write Off

Security Deliosits

  • Cash and Non-Cash Security Deliosit
  • Request ,liayment and Settlement of Cash Security Deliosit


  • Definition and Tylies
  • The lirint Workbench

Further Integration of FI-CA in SAli Modules BOPC 10.0, NW Consolidation

Unit 1: SAP Business Objects Planning and Consolidation Framework

  • Environment and Models
  • Dimensions, Properties, and Loading Master Data
  • Consolidation LogicUnit

2: Data Collection and Preparation

  • Transaction Data Collection
  • Journal Entries and Balance Carry Forward
  • Account Transformation

Unit 3: Consolidation ControlsExecute Controls

  • Review Controls

Unit 4: Currency Translation

  • Currency Translation

Unit 5: Ownership Manager

  • Setup Master Data to support Ownership Manager Calculations
  • Setup Business rule Methods to support Ownership Manager Calculations
  • Access the Ownership Manager Web Interface
  • Create an Ownership Structure
  • Execute Ownership Calculations

Unit 6: Consolidation of Investments

  • Consolidation of Investment Concepts
  • Consolidation of Investments Architecture

Unit 7: Inter Company Eliminations

  • Inter Company Matching
  • Inter Unit Elimination and US Elimination

Unit 8: Consolidation Monitor

  • Explain Status information displayed in the Monitor
  • Describe the running rules
  • Describe incremental consolidation



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